Standard mechanical seismic isolationTSD seismic isolation table


Q What is the TSD installation environment?

Q Does the TSD require maintenance?


TSD modules do not require special maintenance in a correct installation environment. The TSD table body is bake-finished. The LM Guide of the drive part uses long-term maintenance-free components.

*When used for a long period (10 years or longer), repair of the finish and greasing of the drive part may be required.

Q Will the TSD activate when manually pushed? Is there some way to secure it should it happen to move?


The seismic isolation table moves when 1/100th the force of the weight of the mounted device is applied.
(For example, when the mounted device weighs 500 kg, it moves when a force of 5 kg or more is applied).
A trigger with standby lock mechanism, which prevents movement when pushed by a person, is available as an option. Contact us for details.

Q Can TSD modules be added after installation?


Models TSD-1000 and TSD-1200 support linking and allow for expansion in units of single modules. The pitch dimensions can also be adjusted. Contact us for details.

Q Can the pitch between TSD modules be changed depending on the load?


The pitch between modules can be adjusted according to the mounted device. Contact us in advance for details.

Q How is the load secured to the TSD module?


The supplied wire can be used to secure the load when it is equipped with support legs. Contact us if you wish to secure the load directly.

Q How are cables attached when mounting a server to a TSD module?


Bundle the cables of the mounted device inside the "cable support" area. A V zone is formed even during operation, and so catching of the table does not occur. Provide plenty of cable length beforehand to prevent the cable from being pulled when the TSD operates.

Q Can a TSD module be installed to an existing device or server?


TSD modules can be used with existing equipment. For example, either slide the existing equipment to the side or jack it up, and then install the TSD module below the equipment. For details, please contact THK.

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